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Limit Switches

All our VG knife gate valves are all supplied with the supports pre-drilled and tapped to accept our standard switches.  Our standard mechanical switch is the Telemecanique XCKM-115, an IP66 switch with one NO and one NC contact.  Our standard proximity switches are the IFM 12mm Ø range and we stock these in various different configurations including ATEX.  Our proximity switch mounting design means that we can accommodate virtually any switch from 6mm Ø to 18mm Ø.  It is important to note that we can use the same switch mountings on any valve, not just the air operated version, so switches can be fitted to manually operated valves as well as remote operated.

Knife Valve with Mechanical Switches

We also supply cylinders fitted with magnetic pistons for use with reed type switches mounted on the cylinder barrel.

Solenoid Valves

All our VG Knife Valves have supports pre-drilled to accept our standard Parker solenoid valve.  All standard voltages are available.  Alternatively we can supply valves fitted with ATEX and other manufacturer's solenoid valves.

Deflector Cones & Vee Inserts

For applications where you want to protect the valve from abrasion or erosion we can supply conical deflectors.

Knife Valve with Conical Deflector

Using the same technology we produce Vee inserts to allow the valves to be used for regulation duty.  Standard profiles include Classic Vee, Triangular and Pentagonal.

Vee Profiles for Slide Valves

Semi Standard Actuators

Alongside our standard ranges of Knife Gate Valve Actuators we can supply virtually any actuation you can think of.  In our Semi Standard Range are

Gear operated, Side Mounted handwheel operating through a Bevel Gear

Knife Valves Gear operated

Spring return, Pneumatic cylinder fitted with a spring to close or a spring to open the valve.

Knife Valves Spring return

Hydraulic cylinder, Water or Hydraulic Oil

Knife Valves Hydraulic

Pneumatic with handwheel override

Knife Valves handwheel override

Square Drive Top

Datasheets are available here

Cast Iron Handwheel Knife Gate Valve Cap Top
Stainless Handwheel Knife Gate Valve Cap Top


Knife Valves with Square Drive Top

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