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We have recently launched an on line shop with a small dedicated stock of Knife Valves.
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Knife Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Slide Valves, Slide Gate Valves, Plate Valves or even Guillotine Valves – whatever you call them our VG range should have the solution for your application.

Robust, intelligent design from DN50 to DN1200.
Material variations to suit most process conditions.
Every actuator type and accessory you can think of.
Large UK valve stocks backed up by huge stocks at head office in France.
Stocks of Large Diameter Valves.
UK valve supplier that has been supplying knife valves since the 1960s.

Most of the Knife Gate range is also available ATEX Certified for explosive atmospheres. For more information please visit our ATEX page: ATEX

Knife Valves – Key Features

1 Water tight shut off seat in Nitrile, EPDM, Viton®, PTFE.
L profile seat held in by stainless retainer.
Firmly fixed but easily replaceable.
2 Sharp stainless steel knife, machined & polished.
3 Robust one piece ductile body
Ductile Iron Body with Stainless knife gate VG3400
Stainless Body with Stainless knife gate VG6400
4 Optional position indicator doubles as switch trigger.
5 Rigid formed topworks form a solid platform for the actuator. Epoxy coated steel or stainless. All valves pre-drilled for guards, switches, solenoids.
6 Bolted packing gland, adjustable on the run.
7 Oven baked epoxy coating (Ductile Iron only).
8 Wafer pattern drillings to suit PN10, PN16, ANSI 150, British Standard Table D and E flange drillings.

Knife Gate Valve Annotated
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Knife Valves to suit your process and your budget

Whether you need a low cost manual valve to sit in the open position for years until you close it for maintenance to another piece of equipment or a remote actuated valve which cycles every few minutes we believe that our VG range of Knife Gate Valves has everything to offer at a competitive price.

We have the experience to advise the best configuration of Knife Gate Valve for your duty, we have a range of actuators and accessories to cover most requirements, we have an in house design team to cope with custom built requirements and (mostly) we have them in stock or on a short lead time.

We would be happy to advise you about anything relating to Knife Valves.


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